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Keywords on Amazon

Become a Top 10% Amazon Seller

If your Internet Marketing game plan is to become a successful Amazon Associate, you need to stop what you’re doing, get focused and read this brief about keywords on Amazon.

To be crystal clear, keywords are the foundation of your success no matter if we are talking Amazon, AdSense, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Organic Search, or if you are selling your own product or Brand.

Get Keywords Wrong and You Are an Internet ZERO!

Get Keywords Wrong and You Are an Internet HERO!

How An Amazon Listing
Can Make You Rich

If no one has told you, there are many Amazon Affiliates who are quietly making incredible incomes into the high five-figure, six figures, and more.

For example, look at some of the top Amazon Affiliates. If you take notes, you will glean some invaluable free tips from these top producers. Look at their keywords, both their primary and backend keywords.

Amazon Product Listing

They sell emergency preparedness products; talk about an evergreen niche, preppers will always have a reason to stock up and bunker down. This website is 100% professional!

If you love to make your own Lattes and Cappuccinos, Home Grounds shows people how to become their own Baristas! Each page oozes with true coffee lover’s aura.

This Amazon affiliate website makes a ton of money selling useless products ranging from a few dollars to thousand dollars. They prove, once again, how selling works.

Become a Top 10% Amazon Seller

Did you carefully examine each page? Do you understand how they come up with a product title? Each page, each product, and each carefully crafted product listing have the cumulative effect of producing incredible passive income.

Are you starting to comprehend what works? Their system? What about their keywords? What about their backend keywords?

Amazon Seller

The Amazon Listing Strugglers

The ones struggling are doing so because they don’t know how to select profitable niches or find the correct keywords for their niches. Is it possible for you to become a top 10% Amazon affiliate? The answer is “yes,” but only if you embrace these bullet points:

  • The Amazon keyword research system
  • Using the correct Amazon keyword tools
  • Understanding Amazon keywords optimization secrets
  • How to use the Amazon Algorithm to your advantage
  • What constitutes profitable Amazon keywords
  • How to write (sizzling, sexy, provocative, inspiring) product titles that SELL!
  • Understanding Amazon search results
  • Understanding Amazon search volume
  • How to initiate an excellent conversion rate
  • The mindset of Amazon customers
  • The nuances of an Amazon product search
  • How to optimize your Amazon affiliate website
  • How to rank your listings like a pro!

The Amazon Marketplace Is a Goldmine For Hungry Affiliates

As you can imagine, becoming a top Amazon affiliate requires a tremendous amount of SEO, marketing, and Amazon product intelligence.

Once you understand that, then and only then can you optimize your Amazon affiliate business to become a top 10%er! If you are hungry for success, continue reading.

Amazon Customers Know What They Want!

People who use Amazon to purchase products think differently than people using Google to find information. As an Amazon associate, you have to take into account these essential bullet points:

  • What it takes to grab customer’s attention
  • What it takes to get them to click your links
  • What it takes to convert browsers to buyers
  • How your words can tip the iceberg in your favor
  • How to master the backend
Amazon Marketplace

We Made It Easier For You!

Learning those essential aspects takes years of trials, errors, and experience. Like most Internet Marketers, you don’t have that kind of time; you need to generate sales NOW, no worries! Take a look at our Keywords On Amazon services and what we have done for you! We have eliminated:

  • The need for you to learn Amazon niche research or Amazon keyword research
  • The need for you to purchase any of the expensive Amazon Keyword Research Tools
  • The need for you to go through the learning curve to learn how to use such tools
  • The need to learn Amazon SEO

Product Relevant Keywords Are The Name of This Game

The data proves that Amazon Keywords (not the Google SERPs) must be the focal point of your Amazon Affiliate SEO game. It’s not about haphazardly targeting a list of Amazon products (which most marketers do); it’s more than that. We cannot stress this enough; Amazon Keywords are the foundation of your Amazon affiliate marketing success.

We Keep Repeating It; Keywords Are Kings!

Choosing the correct Amazon keywords versus the incorrect keywords relates directly to your high rankings (or failures trying to rank) in the Amazon data search results. We know how to uncover relevant, evergreen niches that you can build wildly popular income-producing Amazon websites around. We uncover Amazon keywords, related and backend keywords that buyers are searching for. We have the expertise to improve sales and product ranking within the Amazon marketplace.

We Understand Amazon SEO

It is essential to understand that Amazon keywords are extracted directly from the Amazon database and not from Google. Amazon is entirely different than the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines. And, the most vital point is, Amazon’s search is not connected to any of the other search engines; it is a standalone search engine with its own keyword suggestions, keyword optimization, search box, and Algorithm. At, we understand the process of ranking in Amazon SEO; once you learn that, the sky is the limit.

The Amazon Keyword Research Tool Is a Requirement

To win at Amazon Keyword Research, you must use SEO software applications explicitly designed for Keywords on Amazon. At, we use proprietary SEO applications designed to help us master Amazon’s search engine. Our applications can pull current sales data, search volume, search terms, keyword difficulty, and search results. Without the proper Amazon Keyword tools, you will be hard-pressed to succeed at Amazon SEO.

The Key To Success Is The Correct Amazon Keyword Tool

Don’t learn this the hard way, one Amazon keyword research tool will not suffice. The way Amazon keyword research works, with all of the variables and software limitations, you need a different keyword research tool to perform different tasks.

For example, one keyword tool may search suggestions, listings, the seller, the traffic, the search volume, and the search terms. Another Amazon Keyword tool may pull the Amazon listing, and product description, but cannot provide you with ranking, keyword suggestions, or keyword difficulty.

What you don’t want to do is build an Amazon affiliate website without using the appropriate keyword tools; that is a recipe for disaster! The fact of the matter is, you will need three to four Amazon software applications to properly vet your keywords and niches. We designed our Keywords on Amazon packages and services to help propel you into the top tier of Amazon Affiliates.

Experience Teaches Us How To Dominate Amazon Listings

The key to making money with Amazon is optimized traffic; this type of traffic is high converting because we choose profitable keywords, write brilliant product titles, and craft a description that sells. Experience teaches us that each Amazon product must meet certain criteria in order for the top 10%ers to promote it. We have mastered those criteria; this is why we are confident you can stop searching for online success and start ranking and earning.

Free Keyword Tool

Is There a Free Amazon Keyword Tool That Works?

People are constantly asking about the availability of a free Amazon keyword tool; especially, one that works! Unfortunately, the answer is, it does not exist; every Amazon keyword tool that sets Amazon associates up for success, costs money.

Many people depend on Amazon autocomplete, but there are tons of keywords that you will miss using that feature due to its limitations.

Remember, each keyword tool has different features and options. You have to ask yourself, “Will this free Amazon keyword tool perform like, better or worse than the paid keyword research tool?”

When a Amazon Prime Member Types
Into The Search Bar - You Will Earn Money!

The Amazon search bar is the doorway entrance into a product selling goldmine. Once you understand the significance of that statement, the pathway of your online income is on the correct trajectory. Each Amazon listing becomes another stream of income. Amazon Prime Members search the marketplace to solve problems, get enjoyment, improve their lives and try new things. When they type in keywords, rest assured, they want what you are selling!

Mastering Amazon Keyword Research
Is No Walk In The Park

Why do so many Amazon Affiliates struggle? Another reason is that they are unaware of the critical metrics used to determine what Amazon keywords will be profitable versus those that produce little to no income. So often, those affiliates are promoting product listings and vendors who are selling products that Amazon customers have quietly rejected.

Don't Be an Amazon Keyword Research Rookie!

Most Amazon affiliates don’t realize how countless vendors are gaming the system; these vendors have multiple accounts they use to sell identical products. Why do they do this? To manipulate the system, which ultimately drives sales to their targeted seller accounts!

If you see the same product at a lower price, which one will you choose? It’s human nature; you’re going to pick the lower-cost one. By having multiple accounts, they can game the system and manipulate Amazon customers; the reality is, these vendors are horrible for business. Why is this a concern? Keep reading!

When The Seller Sucks, a Hot Product Description and Great Keywords Won't Matter

WARNING: those sellers have lots of returns and chargebacks, which will impact your bottom line. Additionally, those sellers are masters at generating fake reviews and feigning search volumes using automated bots. With them, it’s all about quick sales and quick cash.

In the Internet Marketing world, those vendors use a tactic referred to as “Churn & Burn!” Many of the Amazon products they ship – turn out to be fake, mislabeled, banned, refurbished, unsafe, or entirely different from what the customer originally ordered.

Each Amazon Product Must Be Worth Its Weight In Gold

Studies have shown that more than half of the Amazon items shipped were problematic for various reasons; those sellers cost you money and time! Most novices don’t grasp the fact that an Amazon listing does not constitute trustworthiness.

As we stated previously every Amazon product must be vetted using a multitude of metrics. When searching for a product, we examine all facets including keywords, related searches, product title as well as vendors.

Golden Keywords

Don't Let The Smooth Product Title Fool You

There are countless nuances that Amazon keyword novices miss. Why? Because they are so busy being sidetracked by the fake Amazon reviews, fake accounts, and fake traffic. We don’t pick niches or products that get you caught up in that preventable Internet drama.

We care about getting you sales and helping you win online. We optimize for the Amazon Algorithm and that is what keeps you relevant and helps you to rank for hundreds and thousands of Amazon search terms.

Amazon Keyword Research That Gets Results!

Keyword research for Amazon products is an intricate process that will make or break your Amazon affiliate online business dreams. As keyword research experts, we have devoted our lives to helping Internet Marketers like yourself become the best in the business. By ordering any of our Amazon Keyword Research Packages or Services, you will become part of the top 10% of Amazon Affiliates! If you’re ready, let’s go!

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